Why us

Great that you think about coming to Israel.

When you decide you wanna come, we’ll do everything to satisfy you, we love Israel and we love visitors.

Jesus had two dads tours is started by Menno de Vries, who also founded of Booqify, a network of tour guides in Israel. Menno visited Israel for 20 years before finally leaving Amsterdam and making Tel Aviv his home, which it is since 2008.
All guides from Booqify are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and work as independent tour guides. They are highly motivated, knowledgeable and enjoy guiding. You can visit our Tripadvisor page for reviews from others.

Jesus had two dads tours will only be offered during Pride 2017. On our tours you will visit almost the same places as you will with any other tour, so why us?

– We leave at a descent times, while most tours leave Tel Aviv at 7 am or before, our Jerusalem tour even leaves at noon.
– We will NOT visit AHAVA factory or other shops where you can do nothing else then look at merchandise.
– We have a maximum of 20 visitors per tour guide when guiding in Jerusalem or on Masada.
– You will hear about the rich gay history and culture of the Holy Land.
– We will make plenty of toilet stops (which are really meant to use the toilet only).

You will have an enjoyable fun day, with lots of sun, music, drinks and food even though we visit places where they used to crucify, make child offerings or commit mass suicide.

We are happy that those days are over and celebrate the freedom that EVERYBODY can enjoy in Israel and especially in Tel Aviv.

Come and celebrate with us.